A Guide to Selling Your Home


Guide to Selling Your Home

Selling a home is just as stressful as moving. You may think you know everything there is to know about selling your home, but there is just too much information out there and too many rules and regulations from the government. Here are a few things to help you get started in the process of selling your home:

Prepare the home outside

Curb appeal is everything. To start off with a bang consider upping your regular lawn/gardening maintenance before you put your home on the market. It’s all about first impressions. The better the outside of the house looks, the more people will come to the first open house. Clean your gutters and get your landscape people (even if that’s your kids) out to plant some new flowers. If you have a porch or deck, be sure it’s freshly painted and not splintered; a porch can be your best asset or your worst. Fresh paint on the outside of the house is also extremely helpful.

Prepare the Home Inside

De-cluttering your house is more than just for sanity now! Fewer items in rooms – smaller furniture, less mess etc. – can actually make your rooms look bigger, which is a BIG plus. Mirrors can also be used as an optical illusion to make a small room look bigger, and skylights and windows help as well.

  • Update your appliances: Microwave, oven, refrigerator, bathroom appliances, etc. Make sure everything is in top working order.
  • Paint the inside of the house: Another great way to make an older model house look clean and new is to add a coat (or two) of fresh paint!
  • Consider new counters and flooring: These touches could mean the difference between prices.

Hire a Real Estate Agent!

Whether you call up your brother’s best friend’s fiancé, or you take a card from the open house next door, your chances of selling your property are greatly enhanced by using a real estate agent. Your agent knows the facts. He or she will know the area, the worth of the house, and the ins and outs of the market. Use an agent! They will be your best friend and your biggest asset through the whole process.

Know Your Worth

Compare your home to other properties in the area of similar style, size, age, bedrooms and baths to see what they’re selling for (and who’s buying). This is something the Appraiser will also do for you when they come out but it never hurts to know exactly what they’re talking about.

Use our Meet an Agent tool to find a real estate agent to help you navigate the complicated process of selling your home.

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