Why It Pays to Hire a Pro? (Selling)


Why It Pays to Hire a Pro?

An agent’s insights into the current neighborhood and pricing environment, as well as the real estate tools and agent-to-agent networks, help an agent best position their client for success in buying or selling a property. Here are some ways in which the expertise of an agent is an investment well worth considering.

Setting Your Price

Armed with the knowledge of the above conditions, an agent will often present his client with a comparative market analysis. This will help an agent and seller come up with a strategic and successful listing price. An agent’s suggested price should carry significant weight, as an improper price point will either undervalue a home or keep a property on the market for an extended period of time.


Real estate agents regularly identify and highlight desired features of a home, such as crown molding or vaulted ceilings, which resonate best with buyers. An agent can recommend small or cosmetic repairs that could increase a property’s value, as well as give insight about how to stage your home, or recommend a professional to assist with the process.

Advertising and Marketing

Part of a real estate agent’s job is to advertise a property and develop a successful marketing plan. Listing on the MLS is a vital component of selling a property. In the Bay Area, more than 75,000 real estate agents and over half a million consumers browse the MLS to view prospective properties, but only a licensed agent can place a house on the MLS. Tools like this paired with the agent’s professional networks, make a Real Estate Professional well-equipped to create buzz for a given property.

Open Houses

During the open house event, Real Estate Professionals are much better equipped to show homes than the owner, for two important reasons. First, an agent will present a view of the house that is detached from its owner, emphasizing points of a house that will attract each buyer in turn. Second, buyers will be more inclined to give an honest opinion of a home without its owner’s present, and an agent may be able to answer the questions of prospective buyer with equal candor. When the current owner is present during the open house event, often the buyer’s visit is impacted.

Selling a property is a long and intricate process that usually involves hundreds of thousands of dollars and more. This level of investment surely merits the services of a professional – if you had a $100,000 legal question, you would not go about it without the help of a lawyer. A real estate agent is there to help you not only get through this process, but to make sure your best interests – both legally and financially are protected. Use our ‘Meet an Agent’ tool to find the perfect agent to assist with your home sale.

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